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About African Clawed Frogs

African Clawed Frogs are native to Sub-Saharan Africa.  These frogs are 100% aquatic.  In the wild they live in stagnant water pools located near The Great African Rift.  When water runs dry they bury into mud and hibernate until the rain comes.  They can remain in this state for almost a year!  There are many other species of Xenopus native to Africa, but Xenopus Laevis appears to be the most common in the pet trade.

  They have also been a model laboratory animal for almost 60 years.  One accomplishment scientists made with Xenopus was the first pregnancy test!

  They are very common in the pet trade but unfortunately some pet stores do not give the correct information to their customers about the species.  All to often are these frogs confused with Dwarf African Clawed Frogs which are much smaller than African Clawed Frogs.  The two species are NOT compatible and have similar but yet different needs. 

How to Tell Dwarf Frogs Apart From Xenopus Laevis

African Dwarf Frogs and African Clawed Frogs are all to often, mixed up with each other when they are young.  An African Clawed Froglet looks very similar to a full grown Dwarf.  However, you can tell them apart your self simply by looking at their front hands.  Dwarf frogs have webbed hands, and African Clawed frogs have no webs.  They actually have fingers!  The care for the 2 species is similar but yet much different at the same time.  They can not live in the same tank because ACF eat small frogs.  The smaller ones will unfortunately become a snack.

The Story of My Frogs

In October of 2004 I ordered 2 froglets from Grow-A-Frog in Florida.  My frogs came in a tiny cube nick named by a fellow hobbyist  "THE CUBE OF DEATH".  This cube holds 1/2 gallon of water.  That is an awful way for an ACF to live.  Each frog needs at least 7-10 gallons of water per frog to thrive.  Frogs kept in these containers will die either from bone abnormalities or just from plain ol' DEPRESSION.  Wouldn't you be depressed living that way...with no space to swim?

I did my research and purchased a 20 gallon long tank for my 2 Grow-A-Frogs to live in.  Their names are Frodo and Sam.  When they were around 8 months old I adopted a froglet from a woman in NY who's beautiful frogs mated and had beautiful babies.  I named this frog Slimy.  He is quite cute. as are the other 2, and all frogs for that matter :)


See more about Frodo, Sam, & Slimy @ www.geocities.com/mamafrog0538/froggy_place.html